Everyday great teaching and learning is going on in classrooms throughout the district.  With this in mind, WUSD recently launched a new online community where WUSD teachers can share strategies and techniques that are working with each other.  The community, called WUSD’s Visible Teaching, is hosted on Google+ and highlights Kagan, PBIS, SADIE, and many other strategies teachers use on a daily basis.   

“Steve Ventura taught us that we are our own best resource,” stated Director of Curriculum,Instruction, and Assessment, Dr. Annie Sharp.  WUSD’s Visible Teaching Google+ Community allows teachers to post pictures, links, etc. to highlight their work.  It is hoped that the interactive forum will be a place where teachers can encourage and inspire fellow teachers.

Mrs. Munoz’ class routinely uses Hand-Up, Stand-Up, Pair-Up in her class.  This is a student engagement strategy that she shared with other teachers on WUSD’s Visible Teaching Google+ Community.