The West Fresno Student Support Services team was proud to sponsor a Virtual College & Career Week May 25th through 29th.  College and Career Week is an annual West Fresno tradition, normally celebrated with campus activities and a career fair.  Due to the COVID-19 school closure, staff shifted their efforts online, reaching out to students through engaging videos and optional activities.  Students were also encouraged to participate from home by dressing up to show their future career goals and school spirit! 

The schools posted videos of guest speakers sharing about different career pathways on their websites.   Optional college and career readiness guidance activities were provided for grades 4-8.  The purpose was to continue to inspire students to remember that, even through challenges such as school closure, students can always work to keep their goals in mind.

Two West Fresno Elementary Students dress up for Spirit Week. One student dressed up as a Doctor and another as a soccer player.