Dr. Layan Said recently met with West Fresno Middle School (WFMS) staff to discuss plans for the Learning Garden Project, an innovative approach to teaching students about local agriculture.  “The goal of the Learning Garden is to expose our youth, our future, to the basics of authentic farming, which is organic, however, beyond the conventional concept of organic farming,” stated Dr. Said.  Through this hands-on project, students will study and learn about agricultural plants and science and produce food that can be used by the local community.

The Learning Garden is being made possible through the collaboration of the Washington Unified School District and Helping Our Own Destiny (HOOD), a local non-profit that aims to empower and educate local youth.  Dr. Said believes that WFMS students are the key to making the Learning Garden a success.  “WFMS is destined to produce students that can excel in any arena…  With school and community support, our Learning Garden Program will be the North Star, with regards to student innovative development.”

West Fresno is honored to have Dr. Said working with them on this project.  Dr. Said received his doctorate from the University of California, Riverside in Soil Physics and International Agriculture.  He has had many opportunities throughout the world to work with local people groups on agricultural projects.  He has worked in Africa, China, Mexico, the Caribbean, as well as in, different parts of the United States.  He is excited to collaborate with the staff and students of West Fresno Middle School to bring this project to life.

WFMS Teacher Sadie Lee meets with Dr. Layan Said to discuss plans for the Learning Garden.