Washington Unified teachers work hard to make learning engaging and fun for all students!  Incorporating hands-on experiences, projects, and games is just one of the ways our teachers engage kids.  Recently, West Fresno Elementary Kindergarten teacher, Adelaida Kreit, and 5th grade teacher, DeAnna Huffman, decided to use student’s love for food and fun to teach them important English, Science, and Math concepts in one engaging unit.   

After learning about how apples grow, different kinds of apples, and the different parts of an apple, Kreit’s kindergarten students were tasked with sampling different apple based treats.  Student then identified their preferences and described their preference by filling out a chart.

5th grade students took their learning further, practicing fractions, the proper use of adjectives, and communication skills in teaching the younger students during the apple activity.  Assisted by Principal Prince Marshall and Deputy Principal Felipe Mercado, older students had to chart their observations, tally the results, and report out about their findings. Students enjoyed their learning experience and will continue to apply the concepts they learned throughout the school year.