As most students around the Valley were enjoying their last weeks of summer vacation, West Fresno Middle School (WFMS) students were busy preparing to welcome new 6th graders to middle school.  Where Everyone Belongs or “WEB” is a middle school transition program aimed to help students make the transition from elementary to middle school.   

“WEB is an important part of our school culture,” stated Principal Lucio Cortez.  “We want to make sure that every student feels welcomed and supported at West Fresno Middle School.”  Each year, WFMS 8th graders are chosen to serve as WEB leaders for the new students.  These students give up part of their summer vacation to plan and facilitate fun activities for the new students.  Through an orientation program, new students are given the opportunity to learn about the programs offered at WFMS and to make friends before the first day of school.

Over 30 students attended this year’s WEB orientation.  Students learned about Eagle pride and WFMS’s anti-bullying program.  They also had the opportunity to explore the campus and find their classroom before the first day of school.