Washington Unified is proud to announce that Panther Stadium is one of six stadiums in the nation to earn the 2020 Netting Professionals/NFCA Field of the Year Award. The following excerpts were taken from an article published on November 6, 2020 on the National Fastpitch Coaching Associations website at https://nfca.org/divnews/general/netting-professionals-nfca-field-of-the-year-2020.

This award, made possible by NFCA Official Sponsor Netting Professionals, recognizes top fields/stadiums in the nation for their flawless grounds maintenance and exceptional playing surfaces. These locations are selected by the NFCA Awards committee for NCAA Divisions I, II, and III, NAIA, NJCAA Divisions I, II, and III, Cal JC, NWAC, and High School.

Construction was completed on Panther Stadium in the spring of 2020. The facility was built on an old vineyard and is the new home to WUHS softball following 40 years of sharing a multi-purpose field that had a 10-foot backstop backed up to a busy street. Described a “Field of Dreams” stadium by head coach Tori Rich, the facility features two full-sized turf batting tunnels, two enclosed bullpens, LED lighting system controlled by an app, netting backstop, wireless scoreboard and extra-large dugouts. Maintained by Mariano Maravilla, the infield consists of a sand, clay and silt mix, while hybrid Bermuda and an annual rye overside make up the outfield grass. It is considered a fan-friendly community-gathering spot with ideal sight lines, a paved and landscaped parking lot, several restrooms, water bottle-filling fountains and a full-service snack bar. Additionally, there is a state-of-the-art climate-controlled press box/coaches office with plexiglass windows for an unobstructed view and a wired-in sound system.