When Learning Director Grant Thor began his position at Easton High School, he noticed that many of his students were choosing to skip lunch.  Knowing how important nutrition is to student learning, Thor decided to take a proactive approach and worked with his students and WUSD’s Food Services Director, Suzanne Dias, to come up with a plan.

Students now have multiple menu items that they can order each day.  Choices range from nutritious salads to more popular items, such as chicken and mashed potato bowls.        Sophomore, Darnaisha Senegal, likes being able to choose her lunch option each day: “It’s better now because we get to choose what we eat.”  Junior, Jesus Maravilla, agrees with Senegal. “I like the option of ordering salads, “ stated Maravilla, “they are really good and there are a few different kinds.”  While adjusting the way students order their food may seem like a small change, Thor believes it has made a big impact!  “There’s been a huge difference in moral on campus because the students look toward lunch as a positive. It helps the whole day.”  Thor reports that more students are choosing to eat lunch under the new plan, which contributes to the overall health of his students.