Washington Union High School is proud to announce that the first graduating cohort of the Wonderful Agriculture Career Preparatory Program has 21 Reedley College graduates among their ranks! These 21 individual students will not only celebrate earning their high school diploma from Washington Union High School, but can also be proud of the fact that they have earned an Associate of Science degree from Reedley College.

All students who are accepted to participate in the Wonderful Agriculture College Preparatory program at WU are enrolled in both high school and college courses as part of the dual enrollment program option. Students work hard during the year and over the summer to complete college courses in addition to their regular high school load. While the program is rigorous, students have access to tutors and highly qualified teachers to help them with the tougher content.

Washington Union now offers 32 dual enrollment courses across 12 college and career pathways. All students have the opportunity to complete dual enrollment courses, earning themselves a leg up when it comes to preparing for college and career.

This article first appeared in the June print edition of The Grapevine, The Newsletter of the Washington Unified School District.


Pictured Above: WACP graduates Santos Rivas, Jacqueline Viera, Roger Zamorano