During the summer of 2016, the Washington Unified School District (WUSD) kicked off a Web Redesign Project. This project was designed 100% in-house, saving the District thousands of dollars. After months of hard work, the District is delighted to officially announce the launch of our new website at a new web address: www.washingtonunified.org (The old address www.wusd.ws will automatically redirect users to the new website.)


The redesigned website creates a more user-friendly, easy-to-navigate site where new and returning visitors can find timely, relevant information. The website establishes a common look and feel districtwide.


Some new features are:

  • A keyword search engine that provides relevant and easy to use search results.  This allows for quick navigation to desired content.
  • A responsive web design (RWD), which is more user-friendly for mobile phones and tablet users.  This feature adds compatibility with Google Translate for Spanish audiences and 50 other languages.
  • The site’s directory structure provides the site visitor simple and short URLs, which is user-friendly.


All school websites have been moved to the new web platform to improve functionality. This redesign also allows WUSD to create additional sites/programs, etc. Parents will continue to find important information on their school website relating to day-to-day operations. Here are the new links:


The new website will continue to evolve as additional needs are identified. The District welcomes your feedback and asks for your help as we continue to improve of our websites. Please send any comments, suggestions and/or corrections that you believe will improve the functionality of the websites to webmaster@wusd.ws.


The District plans to communicate the new address to families through various outlets in the next couple of weeks.