American Union Elementary kicked off their school year with a new initiative called: “Dude. Be Nice!”  The campaign was designed to teach students the positive effects of spreading kindness through their words and actions.  Students and staff participated in a week of fun activities designed to teach students how to get along with their peers and to spread encouragement throughout their community.

With bullying on the rise nationwide, school staff felt that it was important to educate students both in the classroom and with hand-on activities, showing them the positive impact that they could make in the lives of those around them.  One of the more popular activities was the creation of an affirmation board where students could leave encouraging notes to their teachers and peers.  Students also created a video for Principal Heather Gomez, to show their appreciation for her dedication to the school.  

In an effort to show support to the local community, students created thank-you cards for the Easton Firefighters and the student council was able to personally deliver them.  The 8th Grade Class won the week’s competitions, providing a great example to younger students.